Make Every moment count, whether you are commuting, cooking, walking or exercising.


About App

Trevx is a place where people enjoy listening to informative stuff,
from audio articles to the latest news and podcasts,
we bring relevant informative audio tracks that matter most to you.

Our Features

  • Save Time

    by having articles narrated to you which will allow you to listen to them while multitasking and doing other things such as commuting, cooking, walking or exercising.

  • Personalize Articles

    by selecting your interest, from different topics such as business, politics, health, sports and many more.

  • Practice Languages

    by listening to articles narrated by native speakers from around the world.



Ahmad Mubideen

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmad Mubideen is the Chief Executive Officer of Trevx and the Chairman of its Board of Directors.
As CEO, Ahmad is focused on Trevx differentiation, strategy and product development.


Mohammad Younis

Chief Technology Officer

9 years of experience in web & mobile applications with the top industry leaders, expert in SEO, Web/Mobile Optimization, and Usability.
As CTO, Mohammad is focused on scientific and technical issues within the Trevx.